Veterinary Chiropractic Equine & Canine
Veterinary Chiropractic Equine & Canine


Faringdon Veterinary Chiropractic is run by Carly Spratley. Carly is a chiropractor registered with the General Chiropractic Council [GCC] and has completed her post graduate veterinary chiropractic training with the IAVC International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. This animal chiropractic course is only open to Veterinary Surgeons and registered Chiropractors. Faringdon Veterinary Chiropractic is a member of RAMP the national Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Professionals for further information about RAMP click here: Carly has also successfully passed the competency exams for the IVCA International Veterinary Chiropractic Association of which she is a member.

What our clients are saying about us…..

“Carly is wonderful!!! She was so kind and sensitive to what was going on with my horse!
I had her come and look at my 16.2 warmblood as he was bombing off when I asked for canter.
She really took the time to look at every part of him to find the problem.
She was extremely thorough and My boy seemed to enjoy it to!
Most importantly he hasn’t bombed off with me since and I can’t be more grateful!
Thank you Carly!!” (Zoe Lofthouse).

“Just recently our dog Primrose has been having problems with her back. Primrose is a lurcher that we adopted from Eversham Greyhound and Lurcher rescue 6 years ago. Primrose was found in Wales with a broken front leg and shoulder that had to be amputated. We noticed that lately she has become very unsteady when walking and was not the happy dog we are use to, thinking this might be the end of the road for her we took her to our vet who suggested that we took Primrose to see Carly Spratley a chiropractor for dogs. Primrose has now has three sessions and the improvement we can see in her is amazing. She is back to sitting in her chair and looking out of the window, she is playing again and is back to enjoying her life.
So a big thank you for what you have done for Primrose she is a brave dog and deserves the best and we got that from Carly’s treatment.” (Anne Robinson).